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Thank you for your booking request ...


We will answer you as soon as possible.

In the meantime .... read our terms and conditions!

It is very important that you read through our terms and condition before you book ...

so there are no misunderstandings when you come to Myrfjord Sjøhus...

Apartment rental contract


Before you get rent our boats, we write contracts with the boat driver. It is boat driver who has full responsibility for the boat and crew.


The deposit for the boat is 2000 NOK. It is important that you bring cash to this item 


After the boat is controlled at departure and everything is ok, we will refund the full amount.


Boating license

To run the boat in Norway, you must have boating license, If you are born after 1980.



All our boats are insured with Gjensidige Forsikring AS. You pay nothing extra for this. But you are required to pay the deductible in case of damage to a maximum of 6000 NOK


Alcohol on the boats

Under Norwegian law, it is not allowed to steer the boat if you have an alcohol content of more than 0.2% alcohol in the body.

It is boat driver who is responsible for boat and crew. If you drive under influence of alcohol, you could lose your license for the car ... So think before you act ..If we see that you are running our boats drunk, we will take the boat keys from you ...



The boats are available from 15.00 rental day (Normally much earlier ... but sometimes we need to change the oil and make small repairs), and shall be returned at the latest 11:00 last booking date.On bookings made 6 months before arrival, there may be price changes, the price is adjusted at final payment.

If you don't show up, you will have to pay for the whole reservation.



The boats are fully filled up with petrol when you arrive and must be fully filled up at departure.If the boats are not fully filled up at departure, we will take a charge of NOK 250 plus the price of the new petrol


Cleaning the boat

The boats must be returned cleaned and all personal items should be removed from the boat.


If the boat is not cleaned adequately, we charge a fee of NOK 500.


If the rented boat is broken

If one of our rental boat is out of service, operates our "Dolmøy" as a backup boat.

These boats operates as a replacement for one of our rented boats. We do everything to try to repair the damage as quickly as possible. You can not demand your money back if you do not accept our reserve boat.


But we pay, however, the price difference between the rented boat and reserve boat...

Thank you for reading our terms and conditions!


All prices ar in Norwegian kroner / NOK)


Booking fee

(5 days or more)Booking is only valid when the booking fee is paid. The fee is paid against an invoice sent to you after booking. When booking deposit is paid, the final invoice will be sent. The booking fee is 5000 NOK. Booking fee is a pre-beta treatment in total.


Final payment

(5 days or more)The remaining portion of the total amount must be received no later than 50 days before arrival. Non amount paid is considered as cancellation . Date of final payment shown on the final invoic.

Check in & Check out

The apartment must be vacated by 12.00 the day of departure. The apartments are available from 15.00 day of arrival.



All guests are responsible for holding the relevant and valid insurance. Cancellation insurance is recommended if you become ill.



The company Claudines Gjestehus (hosts) accepts no responsibility for unforeseen events such as extreme weather, natural disasters, delays in flight departures, participant illness, accidents or other unforeseen events.


Drop out

For cancellations later than 50 days before departure repaid no part of the deposit amount. For cancellation after paid deposit, but before 50 days before admission, is a cancellation fee of 850 Nok. In cases of cancellation later than 30 days before departure, none of the payments made will be refunded.


Deposit on arrival

A deposit of 2000 NOK /boat shall be paid ol the landlord on arrival. This deposit is to guarantee that the apartments & boats are clean and the boats are filled with petrol on departure. After the landlord has checked the boats and apartments, the deposit will be refunded back.

Cleaning the apartment 

You can clean yourself, or buying cleaning of the apartment. If you clean yourself you will get a cleaning list from us. Do not leave old food and personal items in the apartment when you go home


Smoking in the apartments

You are not allowed to smoke in the apartments. If the ban is broken, the guest will be charged for removal. The charge varies on the size of the apartments. We reserve the right to reject people who do not follow the ban. No part of the paid amount is paid back to people who break the ban. Many of our guests are allergic to tobacco smoke, we hope that you respect this …


Pets (Animal)

An apartment (Ingøy) is reserved for guests with pets. We do not allow pets in the other apartments. Before booking it must be said that pets are included. Myrfjord Sjohus have the right to deny guest apartment if the guest is not notified that pets are included. This is because the other residents and arriving allergic guests. We hope you that respect this ...


Generally about your booking.

The price that is advertised are per apartment, for the number of persons and date given. VAT is included in price. The apartments must be vacated by 12.00 noon, another can be agreed. The apartments are available from 15.00 the day of arrival. Others can be agreed. The boats are available from 15.00 rental day, and shall be returned at the latest. 11:00 last booking date. On bookings made 6 months before arrival, there may be price changes, the price is adjusted at final payment.If you don't show up, you will have to pay for the whole reservation.


Tour operators

Tour operators, agents, travel agencies, etc. who books on behalf of clients should always contact us before booking takes place. We reserve the right to refuse the alternative bookings from them..


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