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Questions from our guests...
Here are some questions that  we received from our guests over the years ...
Frequently asked questions
See also our terms and conditions

Do we have to pay a deposit?

Everyone who books boat and apartment must pay the deposit at arrival.

The deposit is a guarantee for the boats and the apartments are left in the same condition as at arrival.

The deposit is 2000 Nok ( about 195 Euro ) Bring your cash for this purpose, it will be easier for us to return the money to you...

 After the boat and the apartment is controlled at departure and everything is ok, we will refund the full amount.

Check in & Check out ?

You can get access to your booked apartment and boat 15.00.
You have to leave your apartment by 11:00 the departure day.


Yes, if you are born after 1980, you are legally acquired to have a boating license,

if you wish to steer a vessel that has more power than 25HP or is longer than 8meters...

All our boats have engines over 25 hp, so boat license is required,

If you have questions about this please contact us


Is the boat insured?

All our boats are insured with "Gjensidige Forsikring AS."

You pay nothing extra for this.

But you are required to pay the deductible in case of damage to a maximum of 10.000 nok.

Alcohol limit:

Under Norwegian law, it is not allowed to steer the boat if you have an alcohol content of more than 0.8 % alcohol in the body.

It is boat driver who is responsible for boat and crew.

If you drive under influence of alcohol, you could lose your license for the car


You can can buy petrol in Havøysund close to Myrfjord Sjøhus.

Petrol is filled in Havøysund, we have petrol cans that you borrow from us

On early or late arrival to Myrfjord

We only rent our boats between 08.30 and 20.00

Is petrol included in the vessel price?

Of course not!

Can I choose a specific boat

All guests want the new boats, we can never guarantee that our guests can get specific boats ...

1. It is not certain that the boat is free when you arrive
2. The boat may be in repair.
3. Other guests have the same wishes as you
So we never guarantee our guests a specific, but it is allowed to wish it !!!


How many kilograms of fish can I take with me from Norway:

Tourists are permitted to take up to 18 kg of fish. Freshwater fish such as salmon, trout and char are exempt from the 18 kg limit.

Read more her (According to the Norwegian law)


In myrfjord we have one apartment (Måsøy) adapted for disabled, the apartment is the closest to the floating bridge and car park.

It has a wheelchair ramp, adapted toilet and shower.

When is it best fishing?

Fishing for cod is best during January-April, and the halibut are usually the best period to be in the autumn.

But you can get nice halibut and cod all year!

What is the recommended clothing

It is recommended to have warm clothes, flotation suit, gloves, sea boots.

Do you have guided tours?


Are you renting out fishing equipment?

No, but we can usually arrange this through our partners in Havøysund.

How is the weather?

Hard to know!

Is it Internet in Myrfjord?

Of course we have free Internet!


Phone Coverage in Myrfjord.

In Myrfjord is poor coverage on mobile phones, only specific places have a good signal,

But you can connect to "wifi talk" on your phone and it works as usual to call and receive text messages

Fire safety.

Myrfjord Sjøhus is approved by the fire authorities in Norway, all apartments have fire exits and approved fire alarm.


How much alcohol can I take with me to Norway?

Learn how much on this side: TOLL.NO

Are bed linen and towels included?

Yes it includes bed linen, 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel

Is the toilet paper included?
No, but you have 2 rolls to start with ...

Handsoap is available in the bathroom

Do we have to clean the apartments when we leave them?
Yes, final cleaning is not included in the price.
If you don't want to clean the apartment by yourself, you can buy our service:
800 NOK for big apartment
600 NOK for small apartment

Can we buy styrofoam boxes for our fish in Myrfjord?

Yes, we sell styrofoam boxes. 100 NOK


Is there any freezing room for our fish?

Yes, all our guests have place with 18 kg fish in our freezing room!

Can we buy food in Havøysund?
Yes in Havøysund near Myrfjord you can buy most of the food,

fishing gear, beer and everything else you need during your holiday.

(Obs: not wine and strong alcoholic drinks)

COOP has opening hours:
Monday-Friday 09.00-20.00
Saturday: 09.00-18.00
Sunday Closed

Is there any fast food resturant in Havøysund?
Yes, you can buy burgers, etc. at "Kroa" in the middle of Havøysund

You can also eat at Havøysund hotel or Havets smak

There is also a bar and serving alcoholic drinks at these places if you want to relax from the fishing some day...


There are taxis in Havøysund about 7 kilometers from Myrfjord, phone +47 482 94 887

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