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What type of Person are you?

After 14 years in the business, we have learned to know our guests very well, who are you?

glad person.jpg

The happy and positive person who always has a smile on their lips, and really love nature and fishing.

Respects all other guests

arg typ.jpg

The angry person who complains about absolutely everything!


The super professional who absolutely does not want advice and know everything!... "You can't teach me anything...I've been fishing in Norway for many years..."


The stressed type that comes early in the morning and requires the boat and the apartments to be ready for just him...without respecting our check-in times and other guests.


The person who never smiles during the week, everything is wrong, no fish, the boat is bad, the weather is crap and so on ...


The person who never fishes, drinks around the clock and is unpleasant with our other guests


The pigs who do not respect us and do not clean the apartment after the week. Usually leaves at night,and escape from the cleaning

logo vit myr..png

Manday 27 May

Old waves and 2 days after a full moon can make the sea very choppy, take it easy and use your brain...

no fishing 1.jpg

Wave height     

The wave height is measured between the islands of Hjelmsøy and Ingøy
no fishing.png
moderat fara.png
   Moderate danger 
stor fara.png
extrem fara.png
Just for idiots  
blinkande varning.gif
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