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Dear guests,

Because of Claudine’s health challenges and Jan-Eric’ upcoming retirement we have made the decision that the upcoming 2024 season will be our last at Myrfjord Sjøhus. 


It's with mixed emotions that we make this announcement. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all our guests for making the past 14 years truly memorable. 


Myrfjord Sjøhus holds a special place in our hearts, and it's not easy to bid farewell. However, we believe it's time for a new chapter. Myrfjord Sjøhus will now be listed for sale, and we've attached the link in case any of you are interested in continuing its legacy:


Thank you for being part of our journey and for making Myrfjord Sjøhus feel like home.


Warm regards,

Claudine and Jan-Eric



From the owner of myrfjord

There is a time for everything and we have now come to a crossroads with Myrfjord Sjøhus.


After many seasons, the 2024 season is the last for Jan-Eric and Claudine. We would like to thank them for their incredible efforts and many experiences during the 14 years the facility has operated with the rental of apartments and boats to the facility's guests.


Mathisen Fiskebåtrederi A/S, which owns the facility and boats, has decided to sell the facility to new owners and hope that someone can also continue operating here in the future for the pleasure of old and new guests who want a fishing experience.


Many people have chosen to come to the Finnmark coast to experience the wonderful variety nature, the changing weather and not least the exciting fishing experiences.

We, as owners of the facility and certainly all guests, wish Jan-Eric and Claudine all the best pensioners and thank you for your efforts over all the years that they have run Myrfjord Sjøhus.

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