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Welcome to Myrfjord livcam!
Today we follow the team "Halibut Hunters" on their fishing outside Myrfjord...
We test broadcast during the day directly from the boat. There may be areas that do not have internet access. Then the last picture will be displayed.
Wait for the image to move again. Inside Myrfjord there is no coverage on this broadband
Use a computer for the best viewing of the broadcast!
Too late! the broadcast is over ...
Webcam Offline
Router offline
     The equipment 
       We control the
camera angles from land
The Team
 Kristian Johansson 
 Janne Åkerlind 
 Jens Ekhamn 
Thomas Thörnberg
Havøy 740
To see where the boat ( Boat nr 8 ) are located, log in with:

Login with:     Password: demo

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