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Fiske Havöysund


fantastic fishing experiences...

Our boats satisfy all necessary requirements regarding safety and use in Arctic waters.


Our Dolmøy 230 is equipped with a 90 hp suzuki motors, while our Havøy 740 is equipped with a 150 hp suzuki motor.

The Havøy 740 has also been constructed in accodance with our own design. Being able to go into the wheelhouse is WELL worth it!

In addition to a chartplotter, eco sounder, VHF and satellit tracking, the boat is also equipped with radar.

Learn more about our types of boats here...

Myrfjord Sjøhus is your perfect starting point for your succsessful fishing experiene.

The facility is situated alone in a fjord, around 7 km outside Havøysund, and easily accessible by car or boat.

Jan-Eric is from Sweden and has worked many years as a professional fisherman in the area with his own fishing boat.


Claudine is French and started in 2001 with a fishing gear store, and has further developed the business over the years.


In total, we have 70 beds shared at Myrfjord Sjøhus and Claudines Gjestehus in Havøysund.

We speak: Swedish,Norwegian,France and English

The facility was originally established at the end of the 1970s, and has at times been teeming with activity.

Fishing tourism was introduced in 2009,after the facility was renovated 2009-20016 and adapted in accordance with current requirements.

At Myrfjord sjøhus we have a total capacity of 35 beds divided between 7 apartmens, and a cabin around 100 meters away.


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